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Gorshkova Oksana Olegovna, Candidate of pedagocial sciences, associate professor, Surgut oil and gas institute (branch), Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (Tyumen region, Surgut, 38 Entusiastov str.),

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The subject of the work is the theoretical basis of preparing engineering university students for research activity. The article aims at theoretically substantiation of the role of research in training students of engineering universities. The article defines the engineering characteristics, determines the essence of research activity of engineers, formulates the concept of readiness for future research, and presents the components of readiness: cognitive, motivational, operational and reference; indicators are also presented for each component of readiness for research activity. The articles considers the functions of readiness for research activity, namely: personal-development, scientific-methodological, cultural studies, sociology orientation. The authors concludes about the need of a model of educational process, which would have allowed en masse to create and develop students' willingness to research that will improve the quality of training level of an engineering university graduate.

Key words

activity, readiness for research, engineering, engineering education, research activities.

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